So I spent all weekend at a family reunion in Cleveland and away from internet access.  Luckily while I was deprived of internet, there was knitting around every bend.  I got some time to work on many WIPs and wow all of my relatives who are now convinced that my mother and I are the worlds best knitters (shows what they know, but it’s always nice to be admired).  So many projects have progressed a little further.

We also hit up a number of different yarn shops while we were in town.  Because what trip is complete without a few LYS visits?  We visited River Colors Studio and Stitch Cleveland in Lakewood.  Both of which were great.  I got some yarn and fabric goodies, so that was awesome.  Really loved River Colors.  Picked up yarn for my Cowl Jump project for the Ravelympics (mor eon that later), which is oh so scrumptious.  While in Lakewood we also stopped to eat a fabulous place called Melt, which specializes in putting pretty much anything you want on grilled cheese.  I went with avocado, bacon and swiss, not incredibly adventurous, but if you offer me avocado I can’t say no, while Roseanne had the Parmageddon, a grilled cheese with pirogi on it (seriously).  Yum.

While in an intense food comma, we made our way to Avon where we checked out Birds of a Feather and French Creek.  Picked up some Fleece Artist Blue Face DK for the stash, and was given a ravelry “hello my name is” button.  Finally!

The verdict was that Cleveland had some really great yarn shops.  I also hit up a great clothing shop called Clothing Brigade and got myself some goodies there too.  So turns out Cleveland was way more fun than I remembered.  Hurray!

Pictures of yarn scored to come when I’ve got them uploaded.