For my birthday my darling mother gave me a subscription to the first Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnistasock yarn club.  In a very timely fashion the first month’s yarn showed up on Tuesday.  So here it is, the July 2008 offering from the Sock Yarnista club.



(A note on spoilers: because this is not an especially spoilery club I feel ok posting the yarn I get on my blog.  Also it’s so pretty how could I not.  But I do know some members are trying to be surprised when they open their package, so I will try to post this warning each month.  But readers beware, this blog will now contain Sock Yarnista spoilers on a monthly basis.)

Yarn:Three Irish Girls, Kells Sport Merino

Color: Lady Slipper (July 08 club color)

Dye Lot: initial club run

Amount:one skein at 330 yds

Purchased at:through Sock Yarnista club

stashed on Ravelry here

The yarn is so incredibly beautiful.  I cannot wait to knit it up. I keep fondling it, and it feels amazing.  And it smells good too.  Which is probably because it was packed in with two tiny bottles of a lovely looking woolwash that I also can’t wait to try.  Seriously, my newly blocked items will now smells so good.  I am beyond excited about this club.  Who doesn’t love birthday gifts that last half the year?

The other fantastic thing about this club is that it comes with a pattern each month.  This month the pattern is called Popsicle and is by Nicole Hindes.  It can be found on Ravelry here.  I love the pattern, but I had actually had my heart set on using this yarn for the Spring Forward socks from the summer Knitty.  So I think I will save this pattern for another time, but it’s definitely been added to the queue.