One of my favorite things about summer in DC is the all the different things to do for free. The city host a whole slew of things to do gratis, most of which are outside. And when the oppressive summer heat doesn’t get in the way, their are so many opportunities to enjoy. Of all the options my favorite is Screen on The Green, where one can bring a blanket and a picnic and sit on the mall to watch films with the added bonus of potentially running into everyone you’ve ever met in DC.

Last night was the second time I’ve caught Screen on the Green so far this season. They were showing Arsenic and Old Lace (if you look closely at the picture above you can see Cary Grant’s face on the screen), which I’d never seen before. It was quirky, but enjoyable, and seeing it outdoors only increased it’s charm (I enjoy any movie when viewed outside).

Not unexpectedly I was knitting away during the film. The real key to knitting at Screen on the Green is sitting relatively close to a lamp post. That way you can work on whatever you want and don’t have to limit yourself to “movie theater projects” (last week I was trying to do toe decreases far away from the lamp post, it wasn’t pretty). But the problem is when you can’t use your hands to prop you, sitting up for that long with nothing to lean on gets pretty uncomfortable. Which at one point in the evening lead me knitting while lying on my back. I couldn’t see the movie very well, but it was worth it to give my back a break. I might need to get one of those camping seats.

One of my other favorite things about Screen on the Green is just seeing the mall lit up at night. Everything looks lovely. The Air and Space museum is hardly one of my favorite buildings in DC, but it looks pretty great when it’s lit and the sky is glowing subtly behind. Or maybe it’s just summer that makes everything seem so fantastic.