I believe I mentioned that I’ve been feeling productive lately. Well here’s another project resulting from that productivity (I have another knitted FO to show you as well, but I’m waiting until I can get better pictures), a new case for my DPNs, which have long been overflowing the old one.

I bought the fabric for this project when I was in Portland back in April at a shop called Bolt. Bolt calls itself a “neighborhood fabric boutique”, and it is amazing. It’s a small shop (thus the neighborhood feel), but they really pack in the gorgeous fabrics. They had such incredible prints. I wanted to start right away when I got home, but machine issues held me off. This was my first project with my new machine (!!!).

My exterior fabric is a print called “Carnaby Street” by Robert Kaufman and the interior fabric is called “Botanical Pop” by Jackie Shapiro for Windham Fabrics. I love how graphic they both are and the mix-matched scale of the two combined.

To make this needle case I used this tutorial from Multicrafty. I modified it a bit to make it a more appropriate size for DPNs, but the tutorial was a great starting point for creating something to my own specifications to fit just what I needed. I only made two rows of needle pockets, making the finished open dimensions only 16″x17″. The pocket heights are 7″ and 10″, but the 10″ pocket is sewn shut 3.5″
from the bottom so that the actual depth of the pocket is only 6.5″. I also made pocket divisions in different widths to accommodate different needles sizes. There are seven 1.5″ pockets on the right and five 1″ pockets on the left for smaller DPNs (I do love me some tiny needles).

My sewing skills are still a tad shaky in some aspects (apparently it’s not like riding a bicycle), but I’m hoping some of what I used to be able to do will return with more practice. Either way, I’m still very pleased with how this came out. Really darling and just what I needed.

Also the ric-rac (which just happens to be the perfect color) was just one of the lovely trimmings sent to me by swap partner guiderbec on swap-bot. It turned out to be ideal for this project!