So it’s Day 7 of the Ravelympics and I have one sock complete.  Which seems about right pace-wise. 


If it weren’t for two bouts of frogging I’d be a bit further along.  The first one, which I mentioned in the last post, was done to avoid pooling.  The second one came once I was midway through the toe decreases.  I tried the sock on and realized that while the fit was fine through the instep, it got way to baggy by the ball of the foot.  So I frogged back a few inches and worked some decreases into the underside of the sock about midway down the foot.  I decreased 8 stitches of 16 rows, which was just the right amount because they fit great now.

Both times it’s been hard to decide to frog back.  Normally I have no qualms about ripping back to fix something I don’t like, but because these are supposed to be time sensitive it was a harder choice.  Ultimately I’m really glad I chose to do it.  It would have been sad to have socks I didn’t like at the end of the ravelympics.  And I honestly think I still have plenty of time.

I’ve barely done any more work on the cowl.  I’ve been focusing on the socks so far.  But I would guess I’ll need to change it up more pretty soon, since normally I don’t have this much devotion to a project.