Last week I was a bad girl.  With very little money in my bank account I headed to Knit Happens to pick up some essentials.  I needed needles for two projects that were already underway and yarn for a project for a swap.  I told myself I would leave with nothing else.  But of course once I’d picked out what I needed I had to see what else was around.  And I left with this…

Yarn: Fleece Artist, Merino Sock 2/6

Color: marked as Mermaid, but looks more like it might be Aurora

Dye Lot:

Amount: one skein at 382yds

Purchased at: Knit Happens, Alexandria, VA

stashed on ravelry here

I really shouldn’t have but as soon as I saw it I was helpless to resist.  There is so much variation skein to skein in Fleece Artist colorways that I’ve always felt if you find a skein you adore you just have to snatch it up.  And to me, this was the prettiest skein of Merino Sock 2/6 I’d ever seen.  It had to be mine.  In the end I sorted out the money issues.  It just meant being super disciplined for awhile, which I managed to do.  And now I can enjoy this gorgeous yarn.