Fair isle is a knitting skill I’ve had trouble learning.  I tried a handful of times and just couldn’t get comfortable with two hands.  Which is exactly why I made it a priority when I came up with a set of knitting goals a few months ago.  So I sat down with my Mother on Sunday and she walked me through the process of managing the two colors at the same time.  Some how this time I picked it up right away.  I’m not quite sure what’s changed but I know that how I hold the needles and my wrapping process have evolved a bit since last I tried, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I wanted to start out with something easy.  So I found a really basic fair isle hat pattern on ravelry.  It’s called the Snow Bear Fair Isle Hat by Jenny Dolan.  The pattern is really easy to memorize and it’s easy to find a rhythm which is making it a great project to practice on.  And I’m really liking the flow of the fair isle knitting.  It’s got some of the counting and rhythmic qualities you get with stitch patterns, but because you’re simply knitting every stitch it flows a little better.

The inside isn’t absolutely perfect, but considering this is my first successful fair isle project I think it’s quite neat.  Every time I pick it up I can feel how warm it will be great.  Which is great because I plan on donating it to Afghans for Afghans when I’m done.  My Mom suggested it (she knits from them a lot) thinking that way if there were a few mistakes or any unevenness no one would mind much.  So far no problems, and I feel even better sending a nice product their way.

Find it on ravelry here.