…is the kind where you enjoy being distracted and you manage to feel like the time you devote to the distraction is worthwhile even if it wasn’t initially what you had in mind.  The Through the Loops Socktoberfest Mystery Sock KAL is just that kind of distraction.  I’m supposed to be working away day and night on all my gift knitting, but I just couldn’t say no to such a fun diversion.

Clue #2 came out Wednesday and since I had a little extra time off this afternoon I decided to walk over to Hello Cupcake to treat myself and work on some knitting.  I made a little progress on my socks and in order to avoid guilt picked up a gift project for a bit too.


That’s a vegan pumpkin spice cupcake just before it was devoured.  The guy behind the counter told me the vegan ones were fantastic and definitely not a sacrifice and he wasn’t kidding.  It was incredibly moist, not too sweet and the top had more in common with an apple crumble than any cupcake I’ve ever had.  It was really delicious.

The socks are turning out really nicely.  I’m doing the basic version this time, for a number of reasons including yarn choice, but I hope to make the cabled version later.  I am actually really fond of how the pattern looks in the yarn.  I was afraid the KPPPM might be too variegated, but it mixes it up to colors very nicely.  I think it helps that this colorway doesn’t have very much light to dark variegation; tonally it’s all quite similar.   I can’t wait to see what happens in clues three and four.  (By the way, starting with this post I’ll be linking photos to their flickr pages.  Laziness really just isn’t a good enough excuse not too.)

The other distraction I gave into today was that the supplies I had ordered to make these showed up in my mailbox.

I’d been wanting my own personalized tags to affix to projects (especially gifts) for awhile now.  After exploring many options, I decided making my own following those instructions would be the best option both from the perspective of aesthetics and funds.  So on Monday night I ordered a personalized rubber stamp, dutch linen tape and a fabric safe ink pad.  Everything arrived today, so I thought I’d start making a few just to try it out.  I’m getting better at laying the stamp in the right place and I think it’s going to work out really well.  I can’t wait to sew one into something and make it really mine.