I’ve actually got many a backed up FO to share with you, but since this project was years in the making I couldn’t help myself in sharing it right away now that’s it’s finally finished. There was a lot of hibernating and waiting for certain things to fall into place. But here it is. It’s finally done.

Pattern: Pleated Skirt (ravelry)

Source: Blue Sky Alpacas

Yarn: Louet, Gems Opal (discontinued)

Needles: US 0 & US 2

Started: end of 2005, beginning of 2006?

Finished: October 14, 2008

Like I said this project was started years ago. It spent along time hibernating, then once it was finally knit up, it sat around until I could afford a Knitter’s Block, because I wanted to be sure it got blocked out very well. The final hang up, was that while it was somewhat miraculously still going to fit, there was no way the waist band was making it over my hips. I decided to modify it by installing a zipper in one of the side seams to lend ease to taking the skirt on and off. Right about the time I was ready to seam and install the zipper, my mother’s sewing machine which I had been using for a few months broke and was unusable. So I waited for my birthday when I asked for a new machine of my own. Last week, months into being the owner of a new sewing machine, I finally got a moment to prepare and sew in the zipper, so I went to change the “easy snap of presser foot” to the zipper foot and it wouldn’t snap on. Once again I was foiled. Yesterday I just decided I didn’t want to wait until I had time to explore the presser foot situation and just installed the zipper by hand. It’s not the absolute neatest thing in the world, and I have more than few holes in my hands today from all the pins, but the upside is that I actually wore the skirt yesterday evening!

Now that it’s done I absolutely adore it. It’s easy and comfy and it looks great. With the zipper to assist in the dressing process the fit is perfect. It sits right on the hips and the softness of the Gems Opal (post washing) makes it drape so well. It is quite possibly my favorite FO to date.

Find it on Ravelry here.