This one has been finished for awhile now, and even the photos were taken quite some time ago, but I just never got around to putting the post together, so I’ll go ahead and show you now while I’m largely consumed with secret knitting.

Pattern: Weaver’s Wool Mini Shawl (ravelry)

Source: Knit List

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS, Alaska

Needles: US 10

Started: August 24, 2008

Finished: September 12, 2008

Find it on Ravelry here.

As I’m sure many of you can guess this shawl was inspired by mustaa villaa.  After seeing how gorgeous hers was I knew I had to have one.  I chose a more neutral pallet.  I really wanted this to be something I could wear all the time with pretty much anything.  So I went with shades of grey and brown.  I love the end result.  It’s very subtle, but it makes it great to wear all the time.

Most projects I choose because I want to knit it, but every now and then there is something I make just because I want to own it.  This was definitely the latter of the two.  The garter stitch was a breeze, but the yo increases provided just enough to think about which kept me from getting bored.  Normally I shy away from garter stitch projects, and it had been ages since I’d knit anything on needles as big as 10s, but I really enjoyed knitting this shawl.  In fact it spoiled me so much it was a little hard to transition back to complicated stitch patterns on size 1s.

It’s also one of the most wearable things I’ve knit in a long time.  The overall look is simple, but the color blocks make it more interesting.  And it’s great to grab and throw over your shoulder or wrap around your neck on your way out the door.  I also think it will make a great impromptu lap blanket for the winter days when the shop is freezing and I’m sitting around knitting (I usually wear an “outdoor scarf” and bring an “indoor scarf” to change into anyway when we reach that time of year).  I’ve already got lots of use out of it, and I’m sure I’ll get much more.