I hardly ever get anything in the mail other than junk, bills and netflix, so getting anything real is always a joy. But when I got home Friday to find the absolutely wonderful thank you package from Kirsten I was practically jumping.

Yarn: Yarn Nerd, 1200 MHz Merino

Color: Absolute Zero

Dye Lot: –-

Amount: one skein at 310 yds

Purchased at: gifted!

stashed on ravelry here

Kirsten sent me the package to thank me for my help moderating TTL Mystery Sock KAL, which makes me one lucky girl because I had a great time helping and now I’ve got all these great goodies! In addition to the gorgeous yarn there are many other fun things. There’s a copy of one of Kirsten’s new mitten patterns Gallus, which is high on my list of things to make. It will probably have to wait until after Christmas, but these will make a great plane project for my planned post holiday travels! There’s also a little ornament that I’ve decided is an alpaca even though I’m pretty sure it’s not technically true. But hey, if it makes me happy right? You can also see in the picture a chocolate bar, well it was actually one of two, the other was already gone by the time I took this picture this morning. I’m sure the one you can see will be gone soon also. Yum!

Thank you Kirsten for the super package! I love it all!