Since Thanksgiving is about relaxing, enjoying your friends and family and marking what you’re thankful for, in my life it will definitely include knitting. Half the fun of holidays is all of the knitting time. This year I thought it would be fun to make it official with a mini KAL, so I roped my mother and my best friend, Liz, into knitting the Thanksgiving Day Mitts with me.

So this was how my day began. Which in an ideal world is how I would start everyday. In reality it usually starts with my alarm going off or my waking to the sound of a one year old through the ceiling and thoughts of “no not yet, please not yet.” But I digress…

I cast on while watching the parade on TV with my Mother, and then spent the next couple of hours knitting, while she did a lot of cooking, and she a bit of knitting herself.

Until Liz showed up with this…the anise seed crust for our pumpkin tart. Every year we make pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes together. We often try slight variations. This year we made Pumpkin Tart with Anise Seed Crust and Fennel Scented Mashed Potatoes.

While the tart was cooking Liz got to cast on. And I worked on my mitts some more. Then the potato peeling began.

Once the pie was done we began to work on the potatoes in earnest. Once both batches of potatoes were boiling (we made some plain too) I sent Liz home shower.

And I also got dressed. In my “Ladybird Classics” dress straight from the 50s with store tags still on. Sadly I had to cut the tags off in order to wear it. But I saved them, so everything will be ok.

And Liz dressed the table. It was really gorgeous. Beautiful and seasonal. What a talented lady.

Eventually it was time to eat. Yum! We always have a wonderful meal. Having so many fantastic cooks in your life is definitely something to be thankful for.

Another of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is that after dinner every year we play games. But that didn’t stop Liz and I from knitting. Is anyone familiar with Munchkin? It’s pretty awesome. Of course knitting while playing Munchkin is a definite double dose of nerdiness. Good thing I have no qualms about being a nerd.

Even while playing I was making some serious progress on my mitts. Jennie does say that they knit up nice and fast, and she wasn’t joking.

So much so that I finished my first mitt while we were still playing. Had to be careful not to set it too close to my “Flaming Armor” card though, lest it catch on fire.

Liz made some headway while we were playing too. I love the gorgeous caramel colored Malabrigo she’s using. So pretty. Neither one of us finished on the day (nor did my Mom), other fun bits of Thanksgiving kept getting in the way, so we decided to make it a Thanksgiving Weekend KAL. I spent some spare moments today adding a bit on to mitt number two.

Having a best friend who is also a knitter is something else to be thankful for. It added another layer of enjoyment to an already wonderful day. I love our tradition of cooking together. And hopefully we can make a mini KAL a new tradition. Because those who knit together…well you know where I’m going with that. I hope you all had as great a day as I did and have as much to be thankful for.