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The Christmas craziness is over and once again there is some time for posting. But maybe not for long, as it is nearly New Year and I am off to London on New Years Eve. While there will be many a London post for sure, they may (or may not) have to wait until I get back , depending on how generous my brother is being with sharing his computer since mine is staying home.

But for now here I am and before the New Year has even begun it is all about new around these parts. I’ll show you what I’m working on.

My post-Christmas reward present to myself is the Hemlock Ring Blanket I started on Christmas Eve. (ravelry) I made a decent chunk of progress waiting for mass to start and have been plugging along ever since. It is essential that I finish this in January to offset my planned London yarn purchases in the Stash-Down-Along I’m participating in. The goal is to have more yards out (as FOs or destash) than in every month.

I’ve been wanting to make a triangular shawl for ages. I’ve now gotten dressed at least 4 times in the last two weeks and thought if only I’d already made that triangular shawl I’ve been planning, I’d have the perfect accent for this outfit. So I cast on for the Swallowtail Shawl a few days back to help fill that gap in my wardrobe. (ravelry)

Other new things include new yarn bought with a Christmas gift certificate to Kitty Grrlz! (stashed on ravelry)

New books and sock blockers from Santa. And sushi stitch markers from Liz!

And many a new planned project, including Kirsten‘s Gallus mittens for the plane, and possibly a simple beret and kerchief for some mindless knitting while wandering near the Thames.


So when I was given my membership to the Sock Yarnista club from Three Irish Girls, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let the gift turn into more money spent for me by ordering more than one skein or multiple colors. But I made one exception for this amazingly gorgeous color from the sister group, Stash Menagerie, called Rowling.

Yarn: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Sock

Color: Rowling

Dye Lot:

Amount: one skein at 430 yds

Purchased at:

stashed on ravelry here

The color was just so beautiful I couldn’t say no. The way it turned out on the Adorn Sock was darker than I expected, but it is gorgeous. This was also my last splurgey purchase (other than a few project specific stock up items) before I started the Knit Down Along I’m participating in. In the KDAL (as we’re calling it) you have to use up more yards than you buy each month or you’re knocked out at the end of that month. We began December 1, and it already is requiring so much discipline, but I refuse to lose this early. So I will stay strong. And in the meantime this gorgeous yarn will help hold me over.

It is a very busy time of year (this is my explanation for the slight lag in posting), yet I have still been managing to find time to neglect my gift knitting in favor of other projects. A lot of time actually. This time around my excuse was my poor cold head.

Pattern: Chicabean Hat (ravelry)

Source: The Amazing Adventures of the Kelly Green Rogue

Yarn: Black Water Abbey, 2 ply Worsted

Needles: US 6

Started: November 17, 2008

Finished: November 19, 2008

Find it on Ravelry here.

Kindly modeled by Liz (to avoid drawing attention to just how shaggy my hair is right now), I whipped this up in about two days. I like the motif of the cables joined by lace trees. It is more interesting than a basic cabled hat, but has a more traditional aran look than a true lace hat. I wanted a pattern at least reminiscent of that look because the Black Water Abbey yarns have the look and feel of traditional Irish wools and are all made in Ireland. It is beautiful yarn for this kind of project.

So the happy day when my monthly shipment from Three Irish Girls shows up in my mailbox happened late last week.  Once again the envelope was filled with gorgeousness.  It was paler than I expected, but that was not an unpleasant surprise.

Yarn:Three Irish Girls, Kinsale Merino Tencel

Color: Icing Blue (November 08 club color)

Dye Lot: initial club run

Amount: one skein at 410 yds

Purchased at: through Sock Yarnista club

stashed on ravelry here

This yarn has serious shine to it.  It practically sparkles.  And I’ve heard that yarns with Tencel have really fantastic stitch definition as well.  I really look forward to using this yarn for something with a strong pattern that can really stand out.  There’s so many things in my queue that would look great in a yarn like this, how will I choose?