It is a very busy time of year (this is my explanation for the slight lag in posting), yet I have still been managing to find time to neglect my gift knitting in favor of other projects. A lot of time actually. This time around my excuse was my poor cold head.

Pattern: Chicabean Hat (ravelry)

Source: The Amazing Adventures of the Kelly Green Rogue

Yarn: Black Water Abbey, 2 ply Worsted

Needles: US 6

Started: November 17, 2008

Finished: November 19, 2008

Find it on Ravelry here.

Kindly modeled by Liz (to avoid drawing attention to just how shaggy my hair is right now), I whipped this up in about two days. I like the motif of the cables joined by lace trees. It is more interesting than a basic cabled hat, but has a more traditional aran look than a true lace hat. I wanted a pattern at least reminiscent of that look because the Black Water Abbey yarns have the look and feel of traditional Irish wools and are all made in Ireland. It is beautiful yarn for this kind of project.