So when I was given my membership to the Sock Yarnista club from Three Irish Girls, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let the gift turn into more money spent for me by ordering more than one skein or multiple colors. But I made one exception for this amazingly gorgeous color from the sister group, Stash Menagerie, called Rowling.

Yarn: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Sock

Color: Rowling

Dye Lot:

Amount: one skein at 430 yds

Purchased at:

stashed on ravelry here

The color was just so beautiful I couldn’t say no. The way it turned out on the Adorn Sock was darker than I expected, but it is gorgeous. This was also my last splurgey purchase (other than a few project specific stock up items) before I started the Knit Down Along I’m participating in. In the KDAL (as we’re calling it) you have to use up more yards than you buy each month or you’re knocked out at the end of that month. We began December 1, and it already is requiring so much discipline, but I refuse to lose this early. So I will stay strong. And in the meantime this gorgeous yarn will help hold me over.