The Christmas craziness is over and once again there is some time for posting. But maybe not for long, as it is nearly New Year and I am off to London on New Years Eve. While there will be many a London post for sure, they may (or may not) have to wait until I get back , depending on how generous my brother is being with sharing his computer since mine is staying home.

But for now here I am and before the New Year has even begun it is all about new around these parts. I’ll show you what I’m working on.

My post-Christmas reward present to myself is the Hemlock Ring Blanket I started on Christmas Eve. (ravelry) I made a decent chunk of progress waiting for mass to start and have been plugging along ever since. It is essential that I finish this in January to offset my planned London yarn purchases in the Stash-Down-Along I’m participating in. The goal is to have more yards out (as FOs or destash) than in every month.

I’ve been wanting to make a triangular shawl for ages. I’ve now gotten dressed at least 4 times in the last two weeks and thought if only I’d already made that triangular shawl I’ve been planning, I’d have the perfect accent for this outfit. So I cast on for the Swallowtail Shawl a few days back to help fill that gap in my wardrobe. (ravelry)

Other new things include new yarn bought with a Christmas gift certificate to Kitty Grrlz! (stashed on ravelry)

New books and sock blockers from Santa. And sushi stitch markers from Liz!

And many a new planned project, including Kirsten‘s Gallus mittens for the plane, and possibly a simple beret and kerchief for some mindless knitting while wandering near the Thames.