Okay today’s post isn’t really knitting related, but I promised more than a few people, more than a few London posts, so I’m just shamelessly pandering to those requests.

My favorite place in London is the Borough Market. It was true when I lived there and it’s true now. Amidst all the amazing things London has to offer, Borough Market still manages to propel me to a state of delight like no other.

Of course the major appeal of Borough Market is the food. There are absolutely delicious things everywhere you turn. But the market is also incredibly pleasing to the eye. There are so many textures and colors, it makes the food as fabulous to look at as to taste.

The location is also fantastic. The market is set up below a bridge, which gives it an old style market feel. Old signs and artisan foods contribute to this sensation. It’s so appealing to go somewhere and witness small batch food products that have never been anywhere near an assembly line. It’s also a pleasure to buy these products from people who know the product they are selling inside and out. Oh and the samples handed out at almost every stall are okay too.

There’s a great range in the products available at the market, but the consistent factor is the superb quality. Everything is fantastic, from the olives to the blended juices; from the sea salt to the baguettes; from the brownies to sausages; and from the preserves to the cheese.

On this visit I managed to munch on a crepe, bag a baguette, score some sausage, savor a pear and mint juice blend, pick up some cheese and take home a brownie. It was only wonderful. And all of it was gone in 3 days. I truly cannot wait until I can return to Borough Market.