So by now it’s no secret that I really love yarn. Of course I love knitting, but I also love yarn as an independent entity. Yarn makes me happy, and not just because it will someday be knit. Yarn looks nice, feels nice and often smells nice (oh no I’ve outed myself as a yarn sniffer). So while I’ve been participating in a many months long Stash Down competition with the Enabler’s Anonymous group on ravelry, it’s yet to really affect my yarn buying habits. Mostly it has just made me finish projects faster to offset the yarn I buy. Which is good in a different way than I had in mind when I signed up. So while I have many backed up FOs to show you, let me today, take a minute to show you some of my new pretties instead.

Yarn: Colorful Yarn, Merino Sock

Color: Ocean & Sage

Dye Lot:

Amount: 2 skeins at 410 yds each

Purchased at: online from Colorful Yarn

stashed on ravelry here & here

It took a bit to sort out some color selection via computer screen issues but Jana of Colorful Yarns was lovely and incredibly helpful while I figured out what I really wanted. In the end I’ve got two colors I really love that I think will blend together in a really interesting way for the Tapestry Cowl I have just begun. Because while there is always more yarn, there are also always more projects.