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I know I haven’t been updating here as often lately, but a lot has been going on in the steps towards what’s next department. Now that I’ve gotten through a few of those hurdles, I’m ready to show you the next Knitting Pretty in DC original pattern.

It All Comes Together Beret Pattern

Yarn: Yarn Love, Marianne Dashwood or other sport weight yarn

Gauge: 5.75 sts = 1″ in Sprinkle Stitch Pattern

Needle: US 4

Yardage: approx. 150 yds

It All Comes Together Beret Pattern

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This beret uses a sprinkle stitch pattern at the bottom for texture, but through the decreases, the sprinkled purl stitches grow closer and closer together until you’re left with a circle of reverse stockinette at the crown. This design was born out of a desire for a simple beret with a little something for interest. But in addition to that the concept was inspired by my belief that things have a way of working out in the end. The pattern is a reminder that things do come together. It’s an especially great thing for me to keep in mind during this hectic year.

The beret knits up quickly and is definitely light enough for spring. It’s got a little slouch, but not too much. If you’d like more slouch you can work in pattern for longer before beginning the decreases, just make sure you do a full pattern repeat otherwise the purl stitches will be out of place. I hope you enjoy it. And let me know if you find any mistakes.

And thanks to all my test knitters, including Becky & Trisha!  And also Liz & Mom who are blogless!


Last weekend the boy & I took a little getaway to New York.  We had a great time and he humored me with a little trip to School Products.  He snapped this while I was browsing around.

There’s not a lot about school products that hasn’t already been written.  It’s cropped up in a number of blogs lately.  So I’ll limit myself to a few brief thoughts.  There was a lot of really lovely yarn, but the bargains weren’t quite as good as I expected.  That said, I left with a few things I’m very happy with.

Yarn: School Products, Yak Merino Worsted


Dye Lot: —

Amount: 7 ounces at 500 yds

Purchased at: School Products, New York, New York

stashed on ravelry here

For my School Products exclusive purchase I picked the Yak Merino.  After feeling the sample knit up in this yarn I was really impressed.  Once it’s washed the strands blend together and it softens a great deal.  And this color is incredibly unique.  It’s still a neutral, but it’s got so much depth to it.

Yarn: Koigu, KPM

Color: 2200 & 1500

Dye Lot: 64 & 109

Amount: 3 Skein at 175 yds each

Purchased at: School Products, NY

stashed on ravelry here & here

I also picked up this KPM to make a really bright pair of stranded mitten.  Maybe it’s the coming Spring, but I’ve been drawn to crazy color combinations.

Ah Sundara.  The most coveted of yarns.  Or at least close.  She certainly has the whole supply and demand thing working to her advantage.  Have gorgeous yarn at a relatively limited supply and knitters go crazy.  And I am most certainly not immune.

Yarn: Sundara Yarn, Sock Yarn

Color: Mint Julep

Dye Lot:

Amount: 1 Skein at 350 yds

Purchased at: online from Sundara Yarn

stashed on ravelry here

As part of the Crusade Against Winter Gloom, I scored this lovely little sock yarn.  And someday soon I will get to know what all the fuss is about.  It is super pretty though.  So I’m guessing that might have something to do with it.