So this is it.  I have promised myself that this is the last yarn I will buy before Maryland Sheep & Wool.  So that means no yarn for a month.  Good thing it’s gorgeous.  That will help tide me over.

Yarn: Fiberphile, Alchemy Super Squish Sock

Color: Just Peachy

Dye Lot: 09-0327

Amount: 1 skein at 440 yds

Purchased at: fiberphile etsy shop

stashed on ravelry here

I recently stumbled across fiberphile yarns while  perusing ravelry.  I was a bit of an instant addict.  I only ended up ordering one skein (I don’t have the sort of yarn budget where I can go crazy ordering multiple things at a time just because there’s , an update), but I worked hard to get it.  As soon as I encounter fiberphile I added myself to the email list.  I missed  a few surprise updates and then a scheduled one because of work, but then found out about the reserve system.  I hopped onto flickr, reserved this beautiful skein, and didn’t have to worry about the fact that customers were in the store looking for help during the next update.  I got myself some beautiful yarn none the less.