I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket back at the end of January, but was having trouble photographing it in a way I was happy with.  So I called in reinforcements.  Conveniently my favorite picnic partner also happens to be a fantastic photographer.  The results were so great this post will feature more photos than any other in knittingprettyindc history.  I love them all so much it’s just too hard to choose.

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket (ravelry)

Source: Brooklyn Tweed

Yarn: Cascade, Eco Wool

Needles: US 9

Started: December 24, 2008

Finished: January 31, 2009

Find it on Ravelry here.

There are some knitting patterns that are so incredibly popular and seem to turn out so well so often that one can’t help but want to make it for oneself.  The Hemlock Ring was like that for me.  Every time I saw one I’d think “I need that for myself”.  So it became my post Christmas knitting reward project.

I balled the yarn and cast on Christmas Eve at my parents house.  I finished up the last day of January in a mad rush to get yards out in the KDAL I was participating in at the time.  It knits up very fast, and I might have finished sooner if not for all the traveling I did in January.  It’s not a great portable project.

The genius of the Hemlock Ring is it looks a lost harder than it really is.  Whenever a non-knitter sees it I receive endless compliments, but, as I explain to them,  in truth the pattern itself is not hard.  The most trying aspect for me was that towards the end all that feather and fan gets a bit tedious.

There were a few moments of incredible frustration, where after finding a mistake in one of the pattern rows that had gone unnoticed through the five rows of plain knitting, I was forced to rip back what had taken hours.  But thankfully not too many.

And for my trouble I have a lovely throw to decorate my couch and something to snuggle up under when it’s chilly.  And the Eco Wool is very warm.  No need for slippers when you’ve got this to tuck around your toes.

The blanket also made the perfect accompaniment for a picnic on a slightly chilly day.  It was much appreciated as we napped off our nibbles as the sun started to set and the breeze blew around us.

Oh and it makes quite an interesting play thing as well.  For a few photos of the pre-nap “ring toss” see here