I feel like I’ve been making excuses for my absence a lot lately, & I’m sad to say I’m going to keep making them.  Things have been so crazed, I’m just going to have to catch up with the blog as I can.  I have some things from MDSW to show you, but for now I want to share my little trip to Philly with you.

I recently went up to Philly for a one night stay.   We packed loads in, visited a bunch of different neighborhoods, had numerous snacks, and check out a yarn shop or two.

After a quick stop through Bella Vista and a swing by the Italian Market (not to mention a fabulous ice tea at Chapter House), we headed over to the truly beautiful (and fantastically merchandised) Loop.  It’s a really lovely store.  The look of the place is fantastic & they have tons of great yarn.  The most appealing yarns of all were the sock yarn selections.  I am on a self imposed sock yarn diet so I steered clear.  Somehow I used the knowledge that MDSW was fast approaching to steel myself and I left empty handed (save some grapefruit Eucalan).  But it was not without experiencing constant temptation.  I’ll be sure to pay Loop more serious visits in the future.

The other shop we hit was Rosie’s Yarn Cellar.  Rosie’s has a very different feel than Loop, but I love it’s coziness.  It was jam packed with yarn (similar to another LYS that is near to my heart).  We met loads of lovely ladies who made my yarn dreams come true.  As I’m sure many of you know Rosie’s carries yarns from The Fibre Company.  I’ve been wanting to try Road to China for ages, but everytime it had been far out of my price range, but it was there for a mere $15 a skein.  I didn’t see Lapis (the color I’d so longed for), but when I asked I was told it could be there shortly.  Horray for me!  I sucumbed despite Sheep & Wool anticipation.

While we waited, we popped around the corner to Capigiro, land of to-die-for gelato.  I really wish I could remember exactly what I had, but it’s slipped my mind.  I know I had to fruit based flavors.  One of them was some version of orange and cardomom.  Either way, I sampled many things and every one was fantastic, so I feel relatively confident recommending pretty much anything they have.  After we went back to Rosie’s to hang out and wait for the yarn to arrive.  When it showed this was what appeared (sans sushi, that came later).

Yarn: The Fibre Company, Road to China


Dye Lot:

Amount:2 skeins at 69 yds each

Purcased at: Rosie’s Yarn Cellar, Philadelphia, PA

stashed on ravelry here

The gorgeousness of this yarn is pretty much indescribable.  The color is basically like the perfect color in the Christianna universe and it’s so soft that I honestly never want to stop touching it.  I’m currently searching for just the right pattern for this, and I’m thinking it might be a hat.  No one will be able to miss it if it’s on my head, and its softness will be close to my face that way.  It seems like a good plan to me.

We packed so much into our trip, that I think it’s fair to say it was too much.  But we checked some out some cool things & I’m sure to be back to Philly soon, for some more laid back exploration.