Yesterday was a really perfect day. It was absolutely gorgeous out here. And Liz, my best friend ever, is in town for the week, which is pretty rare. So we spent the day hanging out, first at Big Bear Cafe (best coffee in DC if you ask me, and totally solid in the atmosphere department), knitting and munching. And then we went back to my house, where she helped me work out some of my drop spindle problems. Later the boy and I made this for dinner (yum!), and then watched the first half of There Will Be Blood. I always love it when we cook together, and the curry was so yummy. A great day all in all, but here’s more on the spinning…

I’ve tried to use the drop spindle a few other times, once after watching a youtube video, once after watching a whole tape, and a handful of other times. None of them yielded results other than frustration. In the past I had drafted the roving some ahead of time, but was trying to draft more as I went along. This wasn’t going very well. I would end up with the twist traveling up into the section of roving that hadn’t been drafted out yet. And then I wouldn’t be able to draft it anymore because of the twist, etc. Ultimately I would give up. Liz just learned to spin on a spindle recently and had been told to predraft fully, so she got me going that way and guess what, it worked! It might not be the speediest system once you really have the hang of it, but for now it works for me.

Because in the end I actually spun some yarn. It’s just a wobbly single for now, but it (mostly) looks like yarn. And that’s enough for me. This triumph was just one fun part of a wonderful day spent doing things lovely things with lovely people.  I feel like a very lucky girl when days that good come along.