So I have some news, that I’ve been holding back for a little while now.  All through the process it was hard not to say why I was so busy, but I also didn’t want to talk about here until it was real.  But now it is, so…

I am going back to school in the Fall.  I applied and I got in and now I will be getting a Master’s in Textile Design.  And this change will be taking me to Philly (now you know why my quick trip recently).  I’m so excited about these new things.  I spend so much time thinking about the next steps.  But in addition to my excitement, there is a lot I’m sad to leave behind.  One of these things is my beloved DC.  I have built a home here and it will be very hard to move away.  That said I’m determined to make my experience in Philly a great one, so any info about the city, your favorite spots, your favorite neighborhoods, is much appreciated.

In the meantime, I’m planning to spend my summer relishing in all the best bits of DC during its most action packed season.  Which leads me to something knew for the blog.  Since my blog is after all called Knitting Pretty in DC (a name I plan to keep, since DC will always be my home in my heart), I’m going to start a blog series where posts are devoted to all my favorite things and spots in DC.  A Best of DC if you will, and a version that is all my own.  I know that I’ve talked about these things from time to time already, but I think making a formal series out of will be a great way to say goodbye (for now).  So stay tuned for more knits and some DC highlights too.