So much has been happening lately that it seems like forever ago that I finished the GRE & ordered myself a little reward. In fact it was about two months, which how long it takes for Sundara Year in Color offerings to show up after being dyed to order.

Yarn: Sundara Yarn, Fingering Silky Merino

Color: Poppy

Dye Lot: Flowers From my Mother’s Garden, March ’09

Amount:1 skein at 500 yds

Purchased at: Sundara Yarn website

stashed on ravelry here

What better way to reward oneself than by ordering yarn you would normally feel incredibly guilty buying?  I’ve been wanting to try the FSM for sometime now, but it’s not normally budget friendly for me to spend $50 on one skein (even if it is a hefty skein).  However, when rewarding myself for hard work, I occasionally allow splurges of this nature (to be clear I recognize that this is psychological, if I spend $50 on 2 skeins, I have still spent $50, it just seems like it goes farther and so I feel less guilty).  This one is from the Flowers From my Mother’s Garden offering from March 2009.  It’s called Poppy, and is a bit lighter than I expected (although the second photo is more true to color), but still seriously pretty.  I long ago hatched plans to make a Shetland Triangle with this one.  Conveniently, the dyed to order nature of the Year in Color set up delayed this yarn until a week ago, allowing it to function as a reward for my news as well, thus saving me from buying another $50 skein of yarn (although not saving me from picking up a few things with lower price tags from the recent Sundara Limited Edition updates).

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos of actual knitting.  I promise I have been knitting, just not getting good photos (or actually finishing much).  But I swear I will show you some soon!