Awhile back I promised to do a Best of DC series over the summer leading up to my move.  I’ve gotten to a slow start, but I’m finally ready to begin.  I’m calling it Pretty Picks in DC not because every spot is necessary pretty, but because I, here at Knitting Pretty in DC am the one doing the picking.  So I refuse to take the blame if a spot isn’t pretty enough for you.  They’re my favorite places & I think they are worth checking out!

First on the agenda is my absolute favorite DC bar, The Red Derby.  The Derby is in my opinion the best of a genre that’s popular with a certain crowd in the District, the not too divey-dive bar.  It’s still got that low key dive bar feel and those dive bar drink prices, but it’s in pretty good shape.  Don’t get me wrong, the decor is nothing too fancy, but it’s also far from dingy.  What makes the derby great is good, cheap drinks, a neighborhood feel and a sense that you can hang out for hours (and believe me, we’ve been known to).

The selection of board games is what clinches the coveted favorite bar spot for the the Derby.  Sometimes simple conversation is enough, but other times you just need more.  That’s where the games come in.  What better way to enjoy your $4 drink than by challenging your friends to Sorry, Scrabble, Battleship or our current favorite Yahtzee?

Even if you’re not playing games it’s easy to hang out all night.  I’ve spent many an evening knitting at the Derby while chatting or watching whatever movie they happen to be projecting on the wall that evening.  And there’s fantastic bar food to soak up all that cheap booze.  So really what reason do you have to leave?

The Red Derby

3718 14th St NW (at Spring Rd)