I’m sure that’s what you’ve been asking yourself as I’ve been MIA for an entire month.  Well the answer is I’ve been moving, starting school and hobbling around on crutches.  That’s right, I’m now in Philly, officially a grad student, and nursing a wounded foot that’s made life a bit complicated.  I’ve barely unpacked anything or gone anywhere (besides class) since it’s so hard to get around.  But I am settling in none-the-less.  I haven’t done too much knitting, first because I was always packing and once I got here because of the heat.  My new place has no AC.  But I did do a little project the other day.

One of my teachers asked us to make something to put on the cover of our sketchbooks.  She said it could be anything we wanted, so I decided to make a unfinished quilt square out of some fat quarters I bought while visiting my best friend in Madison (I have lots of great photos from that trip & hope to blog about it sometime soon).  I haven’t officially decided how to affix it to the cover yet, but I’ve figure out something.

Nothing to fancy, just a simple something that reflects my interests.  I’m leaving the edges unfinished on purpose.  I like to think of it as a sketch of a quilt square.  I really like these three fabrics together.  I hope to make something else with the rest sometime soon.  And I promise to try and keep up with the blog better now that I’m a bit more settled in.