Since I’ve already expanded the geographic scope of the blog, I figure why not expand the substantive scope as well.  Mainly, since I now get home before 8:30 pm I’m trying to cook more.  And since cooking makes it easier to do so I’m trying to eat healthier and more locally whenever possible.  I thought in this case that I might show you some food related things as well craft related things from now on.  Let’s give it a go shall we?  So with that in mind…

Today was a very exciting day for me.  Today was pick-up day, for the first week of the Fall CSA I joined.  I signed up for a half share of the Fall Semester CSA from Wimer’s Organics, so I get a giant box of organic veggies every other week.  Gladly it’s only every other week because there is no way little old me could eat all that food by herself every week.  I will have to practice using the more perishable items earlier in the times between boxes.

Here’s what’s in this weeks box: Lettuce, Cabbage, a huge Daikon Radish, Cherry Tomatoes, a few Heirloom Tomatoes, Scallions, Shallots, Garlic, Red Potatoes, a sizable head of Broccoli and a lovely little Acorn Squash.

Part of what appealed to me about joining a CSA was the exposure to veggies I probably wouldn’t buy on my own.  Many of my friends in CSAs talk about how they have to come up with ways to use things they never cook with.  I would really like to be forced into expanding the scope of the foods I usually make and getting out of my food rut.  A number of veggies in the box fall into that category, while others are personal favorites.  I’ve been spending my evening scouring the internet for recipe options.  I’m most intrigued by the Daikon Radish and it’s possibilities for Asian inspired yumminess.

I’m headed back to DC for the weekend & I’m going to take some veggies back with me to cook there.  Hopefully I will have something nice to show you when I get back.