If it is absolutely necessary to spend the entire weekend doing work for midterms, one might as well start off Saturday morning on the right foot.  So I woke up early (this is a new, but now relatively regular thing for me) and started making breakfast.  I decided to make Pumpkin Pancakes from this recipe, because it feels more like fall everyday.

The recipe is pretty straightforward, the only trickiness I had was consistency.  I have become aware that pancake batter consistency is a very personal thing, everybody having their own preferences for just how thick or thin they like the batter to be.  My family was always in the runnier batter, smaller, silver dollar style pancakes camp, so that is the camp I remain in today.  I ended up mixing in more buttermilk after combining all the ingredients three times in order to achieve a consistency I was pleased with, and it was still a bit thicker than I usually do.

As whole wheat pancakes it’s not surprising that they would be a bit heftier than regular pancakes, so they came out dense, but in a hearty, stick-t- your ribs kind of way.  Let me just say, I’m not much of a whole wheat person.  I’ve slowly snuck it into my diet where I can stomach it because I know how much healthier it is, and I’ve grown to like it in certain contexts.  But whole wheat pancakes have never made me want to jump for joy.  However, the pumpkin in these puppies simultaneously softens and compliments the whole wheat flavor in a way that I can definitely get excited about.

I accompanied the pancakes with a pot of Yorkshire Gold in my brand new Yorkshire Tea teapot (a major thanks to Amanda, who helped me get my hands on one!).  The whole breakfast was delicious and very hearty.  It only took five small pancakes to fill me up and I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry until late lunchtime.  Oh an the best part, the recipe made enough pancakes to least me at least three more breakfasts, so I won’t even have to dip into my toaster waffle stash until midterms are practically over!