My most recent box was picked up Wednesday evening and was chock a block full of amazing fall vegetables.  I am definitely a fall veggies person so I was beyond pleased.  Here let me show you…

This week I took home:  Rome apples, broccoli, white Hammon sweet potatoes, a yellow onion, garlic, a rutabaga, a Hokkaido squash, chard and baby spinach.  I have to say I am more than pleased in the decreased amount of greens.  I was having a hard time getting through them all.  I’m not much of a green person, but in the Summer they seem refreshing.  When it’s hot I’m more than happy eating a good salad.  But not once Fall starts.  Lately I’ve wanted loads of cozy food, so I must be getting what I wish for.

Some good Fall cooking has been happening and I’m sure more will be with this bumper crop of loveliness.  I’ve got some of those things to show you soon, but some highlights that occurred too late in the day to get decent photos included a lovely Beef, Leek & Barley Stew from this recipe.  I included some of my CSA red potatoes as well and one shot of bourbon to jazz things up.  The bourbon made all the difference.  I also made Apples & Custard, the coziest of all dessert if you ask me.  I made the apples from a now forgotten recipe, although largely it was improvisation anyway.  And the custard recipe was from Cook with Jamie, which I took out of the library recently and now definitely have to buy.

I absolutely adore Jamie Oliver and every time I make anything from a Jamie recipe it works out beautifully.  Like this one which is my go to recipe for anytime you’ve got lots of time, but limited energy and want to impress some folks with your yummy and beautiful food.  It’s the one recipe I have that turns out just as gorgeous as it does tasty every single time.  Seriously it always looks like the picture.

In addition to good cooking, some good knitting has been going on as well.  I’ve been managing to rack up some FOs recently.  Hopefully a few of them will get photographed this weekend while I’m in DC and I’ll finally have some finsihed knitting to show you when I get back!