So I promised an FO post and here I am actually delivering!  The first actual FO post in ages (although thankfully not the only FO in ages).  This is my version of the westknits pattern Daybreak.  As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had to make one and now here it is.

Pattern: Daybreak (ravelry)

Source: westknits

Yarn: Sunshine Yarns, Soft Sock & Plymouth Yarn, Alpaca Prima

Needles: US 3

Started: September 1, 2009

Finished: October 24, 2009

Find it on Ravelry here.

This pattern is simple, but inspired.  It seems this combo is the trademark of Stephen West.  The arching stripes are instantly appealing and the segments created by the slip stitch pattern adds extra interest.  I made the medium, and it came out too large to wear as a scarf, so it’s gotta go around the shoulders.  The upside to this is that this shows off the stripes better.

Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock has recently been discontinued.  As I know I said when I first talked about this project, I had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do with yarn.  It was started in projects and then frogged numerous time.  But it’s so lovely that I never gave up.  This shawl turned out to be just the right thing for it.  And it really is a very nice yarn.  Now that I’ve used it successfully I’d like to work with it again, but I do wonder if others had trouble like I did.  The base is a bit unusual for a sock yarn, it’s very fuzzy for merino and soft in a squooshy way.  It has a nice halo to it.  I think those qualities made the base much better suited to a project like this one than the socks and such I originally tried to use it for.  The Alpaca Prima added a nice neutral backdrop from the lovely dark green, and upped the fuzz ante considerably.  It is certainly a cozy shawl.

So there’s one more fall shawl to add to my stack.  One more asset to my goal of avoiding wearing rectangular scarves all season.  I think I’m all set in that department, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping me.  I of course, have more shawls in the works.  And I have a few more things to show you, so stay tuned.