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After a long summer of asking myself “where the hell has my knitting mojo gone?” and “what are you doing with all your time?” (answer to both is pretty much summer school), I just thought I’d drop in to say “hi!” and show you the silly hat that brought my mojo back.

Pattern: Pikisi Hat (ravelry)

Source: Erica Knits

Yarn: Malabrigo, Worsted

Needles: US 7

Started: August 1, 2010

Finished: August 8,2010

Find it on Ravelry here.

IRL it’s not so red (iphone photo alert!) and the pom pom is sort of hiding in the picture, but this hat saved me from a knit-less life.  Ever since picking it up, I’ve been picking up old projects and new, and getting some real knitting done.  The pattern is silly, and easy and fun.  And I loved every second of it, even making the pom pom.