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So I think it’s time to admit that grad school is bad for blogging.  I always mean to find the time to put something here, but sometimes that time just doesn’t exist.  That being said, I am so not ready to give up on this yet, so I promise to try and do my best to make time when I can.  But the reality I’m facing is that posts just won’t be as frequent as they once were.  So I’m going to stop apologizing for not posting and just do my best to post when I can.  That is my oath to you from now on.

So now that that is out of the way.  Ravelympics came and went.  I finished both my projects (hurray!), but it was sort of anticlimactic because they were small since school work has been heavy the last few weeks.  March 1 came and my internal clock seemed to know it was Malabrigo March even when my conscious mind did not.  Within in the first three days of march I cast on two projects with Malabrigo yarns.

As you might guess, this was largely motivated by a need for some color in my life.  Here in Philly things are just starting to warm up.  It’s supposed to be beautiful today, but last week it was hovering around the 40s, back and forth from grey to sunny to drizzly again.  And the solution was these little guys.

The first to come was a Verdaia shawl, cast on in Malabrigo Sock in Agaus (which in truth is not quite so blue in real life, a reality my camera refused to accept).  This new shawl pattern cropped up a few weeks back and right away I liked the looks of it.  I had originally planned to make Clothilde with this yarn, but when push came to shove I had plenty of other sock yarns I would be happy to use for Clothilde and nothing else I wanted to use for this.  It’s a nice pattern, the body is relatively simple, with slightly more complexity coming up in the edging.  More details are here.

A few days later I was really feeling the need for some serious lace.  And because Verdaia is relatively simple, I needed to add in something else to fill that void.  In addition to that, I could not stop thinking about this yarn as soon as the sun peaked through the clouds.  It is Malabrigo Lace in Sauterne and it is the most perfect yellow in the world if you ask me.  So I cast on for Aeolian.  This pattern rocks.  And so does this yarn.  I had forgotten how awesome it feels all the time.  I truly love it.  More detail on this one can be found here.

Those two projects have been grabbing most of my attention in the past week.  But Spring break is coming up soon.  And once I recover from having my wisdom teeth out  my plans are minimal and will hopefully involve lots of knitting!  Fingers crossed.


I’m at home in bed and sick, but since I’ve been sleeping for a big chunk of the day I think I can muster the energy to talk about knitting for a little bit. Let me show you one of those backed up FOs I’ve been talking so much about lately.

I started this scarf last spring and was loving it for awhile, but two thirds of the way through I burnt out on it.  The lace pattern is very simple and 80″ is pretty long in fingering weight yarn.  The repetition just go to be too much.  But once I picked it up again a little while ago it felt new enough again that I could power through to then end.  So here it is…

Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf

Source: Knitty Spring 2008

Yarn: Louet, Gems Fingering Weight

Needles: US 2.5

Started: May 4, 2008

Finished: January 30, 2009

Find it on Ravelry here.

Although I did reach a point of burn out on this project there were long stretches of time when I found it very soothing.  The easy lace pattern made for good relaxation knitting and it had a flow that I generally don’t feel from scarf patterns.  I love scarves, but they tend not to be the most enjoyable knits.  It was only the length that made it hard to finish.  But with a break the soothing feeling was back and now ti’s done and spending a lot of time around my neck.

Another factor that made this scarf more manageable was the yarn.  Gems Fingering is a definite contender for my favorite yarn of all time.  I made my Pleated Skirt out of Gems Opal, a previous incarnation of basically the same yarn.  And as much as I love beautiful hand dyed yarns, Malabrigo and so many yarns out there, I love Gems for it’s feel and it’s versatility.  Gems is incredibly soft.  It feels just as good to work with as it does to wear.  It’s machine washable and dryable.  It comes in a wide range of lovely colors.  Variety is nice, but Gems is a yarn I know I can come back to again and again.