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Except unlike in December when I was snowed in in DC with my family, my guy and a friend of ours, this time I am all alone.  Fear not!  I took the opportunity to have a mini James McAvoy movie marathon (so far Becoming Jane and Starter for 10 and I’m planning on Wanted and Penelope next) and knit like a crazy person.  Most of my day has looked like this…

Except of course for the part of that looked like this…

Unfortunately I only managed to dig out the front walk and the sidewalk and not my car, which is in fact that vaguely station wagon shaped mound of snow you can see behind my head.  Which is going to make getting to my first day at my new part time job tomorrow mighty interesting.  Somehow I’ll manage.

Most of my knitting today has been dispersed over a number of projects just started within the last 48 hours.  One of the ones I’m most excited about is a new pair of glittens to replace the pair I made two years ago which are now thread bare and pathetic.  I’m knitting them out of Tosh Sock in Ink, which sure is looking pretty (oh, and don’t miss the snow on sill).

I also recently started a improvised shawl design based on the traditional shawls that show up in all the costume dramas I watch.  I’m using a traditional shetland construction with a vintage lace edging.  It’s been loads of fun so far, just dreaming it up. I also restarted making the Acorns hat with some Tess Cultivated Silk & Wool.  I had begun making it with my one handspun, but it’s still so slubby that it was just looking too knobby.  This version is going to be super smooth.

So my knittings been sprinkled about, but it’s been a productive snow storm.  In fact it’s been a productive year so far.  1879 yds worth of finished projects since Jan. 1.  I know because I’ve been keeping track for the Yarn Snobs Stashdown.  Mostly I don’t have pictures that I’m happy with enough to show you anything yet, but I will share these…

Hardly enough to warrant their own FO post, these little guys make me super happy anyway.  They are knit in Mama Blue Troika Worsted, which it turns out is what heaven would be like if it were a yarn.  More information is up on ravelry.  And more knits soon!


I’ve slowly been making progress on a number of different projects lately, but due to a bout of endless grey days with brief sunny breaks I never seem to manage to take advantage of, I don’t have much to show you there. So instead I’ll show you and older FO that I finally was able to get decent pictures of.

Pattern: Give a Hoot (ravelry)

Source: Kelbourne Woolens

Yarn: Garthenor Organic Pure Wool, Organic Hebridean/Manx Blend Aran

Needles: US 4 & 6

Started: February 2, 2009

Finished: February 17, 2009

Find it on Ravelry here.

This has been a popular pattern lately and with good reason, it’s simple and sweet. It’s a very straightforward mitten pattern in a relatively heavy weight yarn that knits up fast. To keep things interesting it features the ever-loved owl and a unique thumb gusset. And the end result is great. I love wearing these mittens, because they are both cozy and adorable. Not to mention the response once people figure out they are owls. I wore them daily for that last batch of cold days we had and I know they’ll be featured regularly on my little mitts next winter.