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So you have until the end of tomorrow to enter the giveaway, but in the meantime I have something to show you.  Another real live FO!  More shawls of course, I seem to be obsessed (me & the rest of the knitting world).  I’ve actually been doing pretty well with my power through and finish goal.  And as a result I’ve got my Shetland Triangle for your viewing pleasure.

Pattern: Shetland Triangle (ravelry)

Source: WrapStyle

Yarn: Sundara, Fingering Silky Merino

Needles: US 5

Started: May 29, 2009

Finished: July 5, 2009

Find it on Ravelry here.

Oh my goodness did this shawl turn out beautifully.  I can’t really take much credit though, it’s all about the yarn.  I do truly understand why people pay the money for Sundara FSM.  It is well worth the splurge.  It definitely ranks high in the Quality of Yarns I’ve Worked With hierarchy.  The combo of silk and merino make it amazingly soft, and yet it isn’t the slightest bit splitty, unlike some other silk/merino blends I’ve worked with.  The sheen of the yarn is incredible.  It captures light in ways my eyes barely even believe.  If I had done nothing besides wave it around in the sunlight all day yesterday I would have been happy (fabulously, I got to do that and have a lovely day off!).

I’m sure plenty of you reading have already made a Shetland Triangle, since it’s so popular, but I’ll share my thoughts anyhow.  It’s a nice simple lace pattern.  Unlike most lace (at least for me) it’s chit chat friendly.  I can knit this pattern and talk as well as listen.  This is because, while the chart looks slightly different, most of the repeat is the same two rows.  And it’s a short repeat.  So once you quickly get the hang of it, you just keep going.  No brainer.  In fact, I never even xeroxed the pattern out of the book.  I just looked at the book the first night & memorized it and walked around with no pattern.  Even the edging chart was so easy that after doing the first half of the edging chart at home with the book I took off for work and finished the edging chartless.

I made the shawl considerably larger than the pattern called for.  Sundara FSM packs a hefty 500 yard wallop & and I wanted to make a significant dent in it.  I ended up doing 13 pattern repeats, which gave me a pretty sizable shawl.  It measured around a 68″ wingspan while blocking and post blocking it’s about 62″x30″.  It’s definitely enough shawl to wrap around a decent amount.  I used about 85% of the yarn and I’m left musing about what to do with the 70 yards I have left.

And what’s even more exciting than how beautifully this shawl turned out, is that I have a new toy which helped me show you how beautiful it is.  My parents gave me my birthday present early this year since they’re leaving to spend the next two weeks in Italy.  I unwrapped a beautiful blue & green box to find my very own Nikon D60!  How did they know?  It’s possible I might have dropped some hints.  I have had the most fun playing with my new camera & I couldn’t be more pleased with the photos I’m getting as a result!


So last time I posted I promised to show you some pictures of actual knitting and here I am pulling through!  I hope to include a few more projects, but hey, here’s at least a glimpse at what I’ve been working at.  I’ve been shawl obsessed of late, so the two things I have to show you are of course shawls.

Here’s a little close up of my Ulmus that I’ve been working on for the KAL over in the Fans of Through the Loops group on Ravelry.  I’m getting close to finishing.  As you see here, I’ve started the edging.  At this point I’m about 15 rows into the edging, making me 19 rows from calling this an FO.  It’s turning out truly beautifully.  The pattern is fantastic.  The main body of the shawl is just a 2 row slip stitch pattern in stripes, which is great to do while chatting with friends or watching TV, and just when you start to get bored with that, the leaf themed edging comes in.  It’s really been wonderful to work on and as I believe I’ve said before, I always enjoy a good KAL.

Sometimes I love photos with too much contrast.  I know not everyone will agree with me, but this would be one of those times.  As you heard, this yarn was a special treat, and so was starting this project.  My week had been a bit of a bummer, so on Friday night I gave into the my startitis with reckless abandon and cast on for this Shetland Triangle.  I have been incapable of finishing things lately, and starting new projects right left and center.  I had no business starting this, but it sure did make me feel better.  And it’s a total dream to work on.

Some friends mentioned devoting June to finishing, so I’m going to try and do just that.  Since I didn’t finish a single project in May and have far too many to say on the needles, it would be a good idea.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.